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Not-So-Childish Design For Kids' Rooms

When decorating a child’s room, many people tend to skew toward an excessively youthful, babyish aesthetic. But a child’s room doesn’t have to be juvenile. It is possible to design a sophisticated room for your children that will grow with them. Here's how.



While there’s nothing wrong with painting a mural of huge flora and fauna in primary colors on the wall, it’ll be time to paint over that creation before you know it. Instead, consider painting walls in a muted pastel or choosing a fun-but-understated wallpaper. Make sure you check out the wallcovering collection at Holland & Sherry.


It’s one of the wonders of the world: A kid’s room can go from pristine to “Hey, when did a hurricane blow through here?” in two seconds flat. Make sure there’s plenty of stylish storage in the room to take the room back to (temporarily) pristine in as little time as possible. Get chic handcrafted side tables, like the ones used in this Molly Graham Design room, and more from family-owned and Dallas-operated The CEH.


For baby’s room, a soft and cushy chair for parents to sit with their little one is a necessity. Whether that be a rocking chair or an armchair with an ottoman, make sure it’s somewhere you can sit for as long as it takes for a fussy baby to calm down. Let Collins Interiors help you find fabrics for chairs, ottomans and pillows (never forget the pillows!).


Don’t neglect the finishing touches, which can make or break the look of a room. Lamps, artwork and other accessories are necessary to complete a room’s look, and a children’s room is no exception. Try to think out of the box. Artwork that renders everyday items in playful colors brings a whimsical, child-like feel without being too cloying. Check out these children and playroom ideas from Dallas Design District firm Laura Lee Clark

Your child’s room will be the talk of the kiddie pool this summer with a little help from the services and showrooms of the Dallas Design District.

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