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Your DDD Guide: Kitchen Design

These days, the kitchen is the heart of most homes. Families come together to fix shared meals, and guests somehow always end up moving the party to the kitchen.

If it’s time for a kitchen refresh or even a complete overhaul, you’ll find everything you need in the Dallas Design District.

Easy upgrades

A quick and easy upgrade may be all you need to create a whole new look in your kitchen. Choosing a new color palette, installing new faucet fixtures or even doing something as easy as changing the drawer and cabinet pulls is simple, affordable and can be done in a weekend.

Draw your kitchen inspiration from the showroom at The Bath & Kitchen Showplace. Their well-designed kitchens offer you a chance to see how the details create a cohesive design.

Setting the mood

Lighting is important in any room, but in a kitchen, it’s crucial. Not only is it important to be able to see what you're chopping and how much seasoning goes into the pot, good lighting also makes food an enjoyable experience for everyone — both the chef and the guests.

Install under-cabinet lighting to make food prep easier as well as spotlight any design elements on the countertops. Hanging pendant lights over a kitchen island make for a good eat-in spot and add warmth to the room. Make sure you check out Expressions Home Gallery for more kitchen lighting solutions.

Backsplash fever

What was once a mostly functional part of the kitchen is now also a highly sought-after design element. A good backsplash is the perfect focal point for the kitchen and also protects walls from splashes and splatters.

With so many materials to choose from, like tile, metal or glass, you can create any backsplash look imaginable. To get a good idea of what’s possible, start with the collection at Waterworks.

Humming along

Like the humble backsplash, kitchen appliances are now more than just a functional part of your kitchen — they're an element of design. Sure, you need somewhere to store and cook food, but you’re no longer limited to white, white or white.

Between stainless steel, wood grain, vintage colors and styles and beyond, there's no limit to the different looks you can create with your appliances. The Kitchen Source's portfolio is a wonderful starting point when you’re ready to explore your options.

Whether your kitchen is in need of a few quick updates or you’re ready for a total renovation, the Dallas Design District has everything you need for your new cooking space. Start and finish your kitchen design efforts in the DDD's many shops and showrooms.

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