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Make A Ceiling Statement

Look up! No, it’s not a bird or a plane or even Superman. It’s your ceiling. How does it stack up to the rest of your home’s decor?

No home is complete without a ceiling, but it’s often neglected when it comes to decorating. Let the Dallas Design District help you make sure your ceilings are up to snuff.

Ceiling Fans

In the brutal Dallas summer heat, a ceiling fan is not just a luxury, it’s a must. Of course, we don’t always leave them spinning in cooler months, making it all the more important that this functional piece is also stylish. From two blades to four, with lights or without, there is a ceiling fan to serve your needs and make a statement. If it’s time to upgrade your ceiling fans, stop by the Ferguson showroom.


Paint the ceilings?! Why yes, you can and maybe even should paint your ceiling. No, you don’t need to find the modern day Michelangelo to recreate the Sistine Chapel in your living room. (Unless that’s what you want — then go for it!)

Choosing something other than the traditional white for your ceiling is not only acceptable but even encouraged by some designers. Make a room seem bigger or change the mood of a room by painting the ceiling. And don’t be afraid of patterns either. Using the right wallpaper on the ceiling can add a whimsical ambiance to your decor. Check out the hand-painted wallpapers at Gracie for ideas.   


Hardwood isn’t just for floors. Create warmth and a cottage feel with a wood paneling on the ceiling. In the same vein, pressed tin panels can give a room a vintage-y feel. With the right amount of rugs and drapes to absorb sound, you won’t feel like you’re standing in an echo chamber. Horizon Tile has a huge selection of tiles in different styles and materials to choose from if you want to further explore this ceiling possibility.


When it comes to lighting, the options are endless. Lighting and light fixtures are an essential design element — not just a way to illuminate a dark room. Tell your design story with the right chandelier, whether it be traditional or modern. Pendant lights over your kitchen island help you see what you're doing and completes the room's design aesthetic. Recessed lighting offers a streamlined look, while adding more light than a lamp or pendant light could. The collection of lighting options at Allan Knight is sure to inspire you.


Your ceiling is a blank canvas. Don’t leave this often-ignored part of your home hanging — the shops and showrooms in the Dallas Design District are there for you and your ceilings.

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