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One Color, Not One-Note

Who says you need an entire color scheme with which to decorate your home? No matter what anyone says, you can decorate a room — or even your entire home — with one color. But there are some tricks for making sure your monochromatic room doesn’t end up looking monotonous.

Before you head out to the Dallas Design District to pick up one of everything in your favorite color, keep these three suggestions in mind make sure your one-color room doesn’t become a one-note one.


Monochromatic design does not mean using the exact same color throughout a room. To avoid overwhelming a room with a color, think in tints and shades. Take blue, for example. Mixing pale blues with dark rich blues and all the shades in between gives a room depth.

And keep in mind that not every single surface and accessory needs to be blue for the room to be monochromatic. Mix your color with neutrals to add some interest. When you’re ready to get inspired, check out the  James McInroe showroom.


Texture becomes even more important when you’re decorating in one color. Pillows and throws are great additions for adding texture to an all-white living room. Consider a tufted headboard and rugs for a purple and lavender bedroom. Distressed painted woods and plants add texture to a grey great room. Find something texturally unique from the collections at Allan Knight.


Use patterns to add some visually stunning variance to your one-color design scheme. You can find patterned fabrics and upholstery in every imaginable color, but don’t rule out accessories that include complementary shades in addition to your main color. The showroom at Zuo Modern is a great place to get some pattern ideas.

Remember: While there are some good rules to keep in mind when designing your home, some rules were meant to be broken. The important thing is that you’re happy when you walk in the door, and the showrooms at the Dallas Design District can help you find your happy.

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