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Tips for Creating an Eye-Catching Entryway

Is your entryway setting the right tone for your home? Or is it cluttered and bland? If your home isn’t making a good first impression, it may be time for a change.

Your home's entryway sets the tone for everyone who walks through the door, so use these tips to create a welcoming tone for your guests.


Make your entryway pop with a bold color. Paint a red statement wall, or hang a bohemian wall tapestry and pair it with a matching kilim rug. And there’s nothing wrong with going the traditional route with blue walls and white moldings. Find beautiful wallpapers at the DDD’s Quadrille Fabrics and Gracie Studio.


In addition to making a style statement, you might also need to make choices based on function. For example, kids love to kick off their shoes and throw bags and jackets everywhere when they come inside. Instead, give them a beautiful space to store everything. Hooks, a coat rack and a shoe storage chest that can also work as a bench will keep your entryway clutter-free. Check out the family-owned Modshop for ideas and inspiration.  


The right furniture will do wonders for your entryway. If you’re short on space, you don’t need much more than a chair and a small side table. Cover the chair with your favorite fabric and find a coordinating glass bowl for the table to pull the two together. But if you’re really short on space, a small rustic stool in a corner with a catch-all basket is enough to create some style. Stop by Art of Old India for unique pieces that will stand out in your entryway.


Wow everyone who walks through the door by hanging your favorite piece of art in your entryway. Or show off your family photos with a gallery wall. But don’t limit yourself to just pictures — group together mirrors, artwork and photos together to create your gallery wall. Find your perfect statement piece at Carlyn Ray Designs, or set up a session at Gittings to add to your family photo gallery wall.

It doesn’t take much to make your entryway the shining star of your home. Let the shops at the Dallas Design District help you take your entryway to the next level!

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