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Time for a Home Refresh with 4 Simple Changes

There’s nothing like the thrill of walking into a newly decorated home — especially when it’s your newly decorated home.

But who has the time to do a complete design overhaul every year? Luckily, sometimes all it takes to get that new-home feel is a few easy tweaks. Try making these small changes to give your home a fresh, updated feel.

Clean and Declutter

Before you make any design decisions, a clean slate is in order. Go through your entire home and get rid of extra clutter as well as any outdated and damaged items. This alone will leave your home feeling like new, and it will give you a better idea of how to best plan your redesign.

Once you’re ready to gather ideas and make some changes, swing by a few of the DDD’s showrooms, like the ones at Scott + Cooner and McGannon Showrooms.


Set the mood with the right lighting. Add table lamps and other accent lights to soften a room’s mood. You can also install dimmer switches to easily take the room from bright and light to warm and intimate, depending on how you feel in the moment. Or consider adding a chandelier or a pendant light, like the ones available from Solara Lighting.


Artwork is one of the best ways to show off your sense of style and add some visual interest your home. Whether your tastes lean Renaissance, contemporary or pop, show it off on your walls.

But don’t forget about glass art and sculpture. Simply add a beautiful vase to a side table or a small sculpture to the mantel, and your room will be transformed. Get inspired with a stop by LMB Art Glass, American Fine Art or one of the other galleries in the Dallas Design District.


Sometimes all it takes to feel like you’re in a brand-new home is a color change. If you’re a diehard blue and white traditionalist, think about trying a bolder, brighter color. If you’ve stuck with soft pastels for years, maybe it’s time to try something a little deeper and darker.

By changing out your drapes, pillows, rugs or maybe even your sofa, you can give your room a whole new look. The good news is that if you’re not thrilled with the changes, it’s easy to switch things back. When you’re ready for a design refresh, check out some of the well put together rooms at the David Sutherland showroom.

It’s amazing what a few small changes can do. If you’re still unsure about where to start, let the experts at the Dallas Design District give your home the quick and easy makeover it needs.

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