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Designing a Dog-Friendly Home

We make sacrifices for the ones we love. But you don’t have to sacrifice good design for your favorite furry friend.

When you’re ready to go shopping for dog-friendly decor, the shops and showrooms at the Dallas Design District’s got you — and man’s best friend — covered.


Hardwood floors are beautiful, classic and easy to clean. But if you've got pets in the mix, it’s important to make sure you choose a hardier wood, like mahogany or oak. Softer woods like pine are more susceptible to puppy toenail dents. And be sure to wipe up any accidents as soon as possible to prevent stains and warping.

It’s also a good idea to add rugs to high-traffic areas. Older dogs have a tendency to slip on slicker surfaces. To find a durable rug you’ll love, swing by The Rug Company.


Skip the silk when choosing fabrics for your home. Instead, try something more dog-friendly, like canvas or denim. These make the perfect materials for slipcovers.

Another great fabric to consider is microfiber. It’s attractive, easy to clean and doesn’t attract as much pet fur as something like wool. While stains, tears and fur are a fact of any dog lover’s life, they're a little easier to control on more durable fabrics with a tight weave. Quadrille is a go-to stop if you’re looking for ideas.


Pet-friendly fabric, lint rollers in every room, and daily vacuuming are the foundations for any battle plan to fight fur. But even with all of that, fur happens.

That's where color comes in! Choose colors close to the color of your favorite four-legged pal’s fur. While you don't need to find the perfect camouflage for your dog, choosing a black couch when you have a white dog is just asking for trouble. If you're looking for stylish design ideas when choosing colors for you home, stop by the David Sutherland Showroom for inspiration.


Keep accessories out of the reach of your dog's wagging tail. Leaving glass vases and bowls or delicate figurines on a low end table or coffee table is a recipe for disaster, especially if your furry friend is a jumper. Think about moving these to higher spots, like a fireplace mantle, or choose a glass-front cabinet to display your breakable home accessories. Check out the collections at Baker Furniture.

Keep these tips in mind next time you shop in the Dallas Design District, and you'll love coming home to your new dog-friendly home almost as much as your dog loves seeing you come home.


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