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4 Ways to Achieve a Spa-Inspired Bathroom

Once the summer heat really hits Dallas/Fort Worth, most of us end up cooped up inside with the A/C blasting. And with the kids home from school, these circumstances don't always make for the most stress-free living.

Create your own zen space this summer by creating a spa-like atmosphere in your own bathroom. Here's how.

The Perfect Soak

The Bath & Kitchen Showplace

Soak your weary bones in a whirlpool tub and watch your cares melt away. Imagine slipping into the warm water and flipping on the relaxing hot tub-style jets for a little massage. Throw in your favorite bath bomb or an invigorating eucalyptus-infused oil, and you’ll forget you're in your own home and not at a luxury spa. No matter the size of your budget or your bathroom, you can stop by The Bath & Kitchen Showplace to get help choosing the perfect tub for you.

Color Scheme

Artistic Tile

If you already have the perfect tub, a simple change in color could do the trick. When you think of your favorite spa, you probably think clean whites, soothing blues, crisp greens and other nature-inspired colors. Check out the collection of tiles at Artistic Tile to come up with a fresh color scheme for your bathroom. From stone to ceramic and porcelain to glass, you’ll find the perfect colors to encourage a blissed-out state of mind.

New Fixtures


Of course, something as simple as a new shower head and some stylish fixtures could be all you need to enter a zen-like state. Just add a rainwater shower head and a sleek teak and metal faucet for the bathroom sink, and your space will look like new. The DDD’s Waterworks has everything you need if you want to transform your bathroom with just a few simple swaps.

Complete Overhaul


If it will take more than a few small changes to create a spa-like atmosphere in your home, it might be time for a total bathroom remodel. You might be envisioning a freestanding tub, a vessel sink and a porcelain wood-inspired tile floor. In this case, schedule a talk with the designers at Eleganza Studio for some advice on how to make your bathroom the perfect pick-me-up space in your home.

No matter what you decide to change to achieve your spa-inspired bathroom, you’ll find everything you need at the shops and showrooms of the Dallas Design District.


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