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Design Trends for a Summer Refresh

Long days and warm nights must mean summer is here. As triple digits loom with every sunrise, keeping cool indoors is a favorite pastime for many Dallasites. By making just a few alterations around your home, you too can enjoy the pleasures the season has to offer without compromising on comfort.


You don’t have to redecorate your entire home to give it a new, summery look. Keep it simple. Put away heavy throws and dark pillows and opt for cheery colors like pink or green. Think light, breezy fabrics for curtains. Or try swapping out the duvet cover in your master bedroom — you'll be surprised at how different the whole room will feel. Check out the fabrics at Kravet, where the colors and textures on display are sure to give you some great ideas for updating your decor.


Of course, you may be ready for a bigger change this summer. Maybe some new furniture will do the trick. Think about opening up your floor plan by replacing that overstuffed chair with a sleek club chair. Or reset your dining room with a less stiff and stuffy seating option, like linen parsons chairs. Find your furniture inspiration by visiting the showroom at Bungalow 5.


Nothing says summer like airy blues, crisp whites and other natural tones. You can incorporate these summer hues via accessories, new furniture or even by painting the walls or floors of your home. To add a touch of personality, throw in a small but bold pop of color in the form of a fiery red vase or bronze cabinet fixtures. Expand your palette by checking out the spring and summer collection at Accent Decor.


When winter ends and spring makes its presence felt, no one can wait to head outdoors. That desire doesn't abate even as summer roars into life. It’s only natural to want to bring a little nature indoors with the change in seasons as well. This summer, take some inspiration from the ocean. Whisk yourself away to the beach with nautical-themed items like blue glass, canvas place settings, shells, weathered wood and white candles. And a taupe jute rug can add a coastal feel to any living room. Stop by The Rug Company and browse their natural fiber floor covering options.

No matter how big or how small your summer refresh, you’ll find what you need at the shops and showrooms of the Dallas Design District.

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