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Dallas Design District’s Monthly Interview Spotlight feat. District Food & Wine

District Food & Wine is one of the latest restaurant to open its doors in the Dallas Design District. DISTRICT's doors have been open since late 2016, and they've already earned a loyal customer base thanks to their authentic Italian dishes and impeccable service. Today, District Food & Wine managing partner Jeff Ganji talks with us about his restaurant’s relaxed and sophisticated atmosphere, and why he loves serving the patrons of the Dallas Design District.    

Dallas Design District: Tell us about how District Food & Wine came to be.

District Food & Wine: Three good friends with a passion for good food and good wine got together to create an eclectic surrounding specifically designed to appeal to the arty/edgy crowd that works and lives in the Dallas Design District and beyond.

DDD: How would you describe the restaurant’s cooking style and/or cuisine in three words?

DF&W: Modern Comfort Food.

DDD: What do you enjoy most about having a restaurant in the Dallas Design District?

DF&W: In such a fast-growing neighborhood, the patrons of DISTRICT are as diverse as the area itself. We have new trendy residents, gallery owners, designers, architects, antique dealers, furniture and glass distributors and many artists (of course), just to mention a few. It’s a great atmosphere that makes coming to DISTRICT a real pleasure and a fun place to work.

DDD: When you’re not at the restaurant where can we find you?

DF&W: When not at our restaurant you will find me at home, at an art event or a catering function  but I truly love being at DISTRICT!

DDD: What has been the most rewarding moment in your career thus far?

DF&W: DISTRICT’s soft opening! We were truly surprised at the number of friends, business owners and Design District residents who showed up. Quite gratifying!

DDD: What are people generally most surprised to learn about you?

DF&W: Despite the fact that DISTRICT’s menu features some great Italian dishes, that I’m not from New York.

DDD: Who and/or what inspires you most?

DF&W: My parents.

DDD: If you could dine with one person, who would it be and why?

DF&W: Robert De Niro, a creative genius whom I got to know  but not share a meal with — during the filming of the movie Casino.

DDD: What’s your current go-to on the District Food & Wine menu?

DF&W: Any daily special, as long as it’s paired with a glass of wine.

DDD: Complete this sentence  “No meal is complete without…”

DF&W: Good friends, a great bottle of wine and a slice of lemon cake at DISTRICT!”

Stop by DF&W and sample their unique take on modern comfort food, from brisket burgers to truffle oil-infused mac and cheese. Who knows, Jeff might there himself to help you open a bottle of pinot noir or to share the scoop on the Cheesecake of the Week! And be sure to drop in for happy hour every Thursday and Friday. It’s a great chance to check out the stunning photography (supplied by Sun to Moon Gallery) that decorates DF&W’s halls, and to take in those stunning views of the city skyline that you’ll find only in the Dallas Design District.

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