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Where to find dining room design inspiration

With the holidays about to beat down your doors so, too, are your holiday guests. Are you ready?

It might be time to refresh or maybe even redo your dining room before you decide what’s on the menu. From an easy update to a full-blown do-over, the Dallas Design District has all you need to get your dining room holiday-ready in no time. 

The Perfect Table

What good is a dining room without a proper dining room table? Whether you’re planning a formal, sit-down affair or a casual, buffet-style shindig, you need somewhere to set all that tasty food. Depending on the size and shape of your dining room, you may go the traditional route with a long, rectangular table. But if you have a smaller space, consider a round or oval table with a pedestal base to fit more people around it. For inspiration, head over to Adriana Hoyos Furnishings to check out your options.

Lighting the Way

What good is a beautifully decorated dining room if nobody can see it? Lighting plays an essential role in the décor of any room. Aside from functionality, you can use a room’s lights to evoke a feeling of warmth and celebration in your guests or draw their attention to specific elements you want to highlight, such as your great-grandmother’s wedding china proudly displayed in that antique hutch. For just the right light, check out the selection of chandeliers at Made Goods or the unique light fixtures at Scott + Cooner’s.

Top It Off

Choosing what goes on your table is as important as the table itself. Maybe you don’t have enough tableware to serve everyone or you’re just ready for a new set of everything. Before you run out and hit the stores, consider a few things first. How much space do you have on your table? What about in your kitchen cabinets and dishwasher? If the plates are too tall for your dishwasher, are you prepared to do every dish by hand once the festivities are over? And then there’s the mood you’re setting. All-white dishes offer a classic look and might be appropriate if your room’s décor is on the eclectic side. For more ideas, make sure Bernadette Schaeffler is on your list of designers to check out.

Dining rooms are often used only once or twice a year. But this doesn’t mean the room shouldn’t get the same care and consideration you give the rest of your house. Memories are made in a dining room, where your family and friends tend to linger long after their bellies are full. The Dallas Design District is the perfect place to find inspiration to help you create memorable holiday meals.

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