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How To Bring Hotel Style Home

Oftentimes, summer is a whirlwind of travel, complete with crisp white sheets, fresh towels and sweet-smelling toiletries. How can you bring that welcoming hotel aesthetic home with you to enjoy year-round? Here are some ideas with inspiration from showrooms in the Dallas Design District.

Master Symmetry in the Living Room

Your living room is like the lobby of a hotel. You want visitors to immediately feel welcome. You want them to see stability, calm and dignity in the space. This can be accomplished through repeated patterns, furniture arrangement, matching fixtures and, of course, balanced use of color. The beauty of symmetry is that it's nature's style. Think of a flower or even the human face and you'll see how symmetry plays a part in the things we find attractive. The same effect can be channeled into interior design. Visit Art of India to find seating such as these bone-inlay chairs to mirror a couch such as this hand-hammered silver sofa on opposite sides of the coffee table. Then, place two similarly sized pieces of artwork on opposing walls. The result is stunning symmetry.

Keep the Bedroom Walls Dark

Even though many hotels stick to a bright white palette for the entirety of the room, you'll find the hotels where you sleep best are the ones with dark walls. Travelodge even did a study to determine the most sleep-inducing color for your bedroom. Turns out it's blue. Households with a blue color scheme had on average 7 hours and 52 minutes of sleep each night. Other colors didn't fare so well. So why blue? Researchers believe it's the association with a feeling of calm, which reduces blood pressure and heart rate. Need more convincing? Fifty-two percent of those who slept in blue rooms reported they regularly wake up feeling happy. Gracie Studio offers an eye-catching midnight blue hand-painted wallpaper made from overlapping sheets of artists’ paper that would achieve the perfect mix of science and art.

Use Neutrals in the Bathroom

Nothing quite compares to a hotel's freshly scrubbed tub or shower upon arrival and fresh towels each morning. But what you can recreate at home is the spa-like atmosphere. Stick to white on white with neutral accents such as bamboo accessories and sleek stainless steel fixtures. A bathroom that feels clean and bright helps you feel the same way. What better feeling to have first thing in the morning or right before bed? Waterworks has an entire line of bathroom faucets, surfaces, bathtubs, washstands and more that flow seamlessly into a hotel-inspired space.

So while you might not be jet-setting off to a new location and a pristine hotel as often this fall and winter, you can still experience the luxuries that fine hotels offer by recreating that same atmosphere in your own home. Visit the Dallas Design District to find the perfect accessories to complete your redesign with the right finishing touch.

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