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How to Add Modern Vibes to a Traditional Space

You’ve harbored a classic interior in your home for as long as you can remember. It's comforting, it's safe but it's also a little boring. This summer, since you'll be spending time indoors to escape the heat, why not consider updating your space with a fresh, contemporary feel? We've brainstormed a few ideas on how you can strategically update a room without a complete redesign.

Switch Out Fixtures

Think ceiling fans, faucets and light fixtures. Visit Sherle Wagner for sink or wall-mounted basin sets, shower systems and bath sets. The showroom boasts everything from showerheads to volume control levels to bidet sets. Finishes include metal, china and onyx, with some featuring semi-precious stones.

Replace Fabrics

In addition to swapping out the fabric on your pillows, furniture and curtains, consider ditching your old sheets and towels for a fresh new look. Pick a focal color and repeat it throughout the fabrics in your home. Kravet is a great source for patterns with visual interest and offers a wide range of fabric types, from chenille and silk to suede and velvet. 

Update your Countertops

Adding fresh countertops in the kitchen or bathrooms can update the entire look and feel of the space. Waterworks offers surface options in ceramic, glass, stone, concrete, wood and porcelain, suitable for any room. 

Replace Carpeting

You've been dying for wood floors since you moved in. Why not do something unique and opt for wood tile from Horizon Italian Tile? By going porcelain, you keep the grains and distinctive markings that characterize wood flooring, but you'll gain durability and a multitude of color options, including gray, beige or dark wood tones.

Hang Contemporary Art

Sure, you can paint the walls and change the look, but a simpler way to transform a space is by replacing the artwork. Check out Art Dallas Inc. for a broad selection of contemporary art in oil and acrylic on canvas or paper, photography, giclee, watercolor, collage, etchings, art boxes and sculpture. 

Stay busy and productive this summer by popping in and out of the showrooms and galleries in the Dallas Design District. Pick fixtures, fabrics, flooring and artwork to refresh your home without replacing the charm you've cultivated through the years.

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