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Tips for Making the Most of a Small Outdoor Space

You long for a spacious outdoor living space in which you can entertain and relax, but your current square footage prevents it. Don't give up. Just because your outdoor space may not be the largest on the block doesn't mean you can't create your own backyard oasis. Whether you have a courtyard, porch, patio, balcony or small yard, here are a few tips for making the most of it.

Use Every Inch

Fill the space with chic outdoor decor from the Dallas Design District. Use patio furniture that looks fun even in a cramped environment. Brightly colored chairs lend liveliness to even the dullest of spaces. Look for weather-resistant pieces such as those at Brown Jordan

Stick to a Simple Color Scheme 

Avoid overwhelming your space by limiting the design elements. Choose a focal point or design element to use as inspiration for the overall décor. Find pieces to make your small space chic at Janus et Cie

Incorporate Water

Invite serenity and peace into your outdoor entertainment area by adding a water feature. Visit Le Louvre French Antiques for a stone fountain to elegantly adorn your space. Moving water adds relaxing sounds to your outdoor oasis and will make the area feel larger.

Incorporate Softscape

Softscape offers natural accents but will require some maintenance. One way to make things a little simpler is to utilize a wall garden. Herbs, succulents and small shrubs breathe life into a boring concrete wall. Want something even easier? Collect florals, trees and plants from SJ Silk Designs and you won't have to worry about watering.

Layer Lighting

Make your outdoor space work regardless of the natural light available. Solara Lighting offers a wide range of outdoor lighting in wrought iron and cast bronze. You can also find fire pits and open-flame torches. Even a small space has room for a fire pit. It adds a welcome warmth and glow that will make your guests feel right at home.

The Dallas Design District offers more than just interior decor accessories and furniture. It's a source of inspiration and a solution for outdoor spaces as well. Not all living situations allow for a pool, outdoor kitchen and full dining set, but each outdoor area can provide a retreat, no matter the size. 

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