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Visit Aria Stone for < Art / Code >

Imagine an artist creating graffiti-style artwork with no actual paint and no actual canvas — it's all digital. At last year's Digital Dallas < Art / Code > event, a programmer did exactly that, crafting a realistic-looking spray paint can that could "paint" on a digital wall without touching the screen. It’s a perfect illustration of how art has transitioned into the digital realm.

And what better place to host an event as unique as this one than Aria Stone Gallery, whose mission is to push the boundaries of what’s defined as art? Aria Stone’s walls are lined with colored stones — calcite, dolomite, granite, marble and onyx — that are then brushed, honed, leathered or polished. It’s between these aisles, literally set in stone, that artists formulate their creations.

But < Art / Code > offers more than live art displays. You’ll see a video generated by digital painting using particles and an underwater videography project using EEG technology to analyze your brainwaves and show different images based on your what level of mindfulness you achieve.

This year's digital art competition is being curated by the winner of the first < Art / Code > event, David Rodriguez (Dr Gorilla), who’s best known for his live painting of thought speakers at events such as TEDx. The competition features 15 digital artists and promises to be fiercely creative. Need more incentive to make an evening of it? You'll also enjoy live entertainment, scrumptious hors d’oeuvres and complimentary cocktails.

Join Aria and Digital Dallas, as well as myriad creatives, developers and artists, from 6–9PM July 27 to see innovators combine art and technology in unprecedented ways for an evening of art beautifully crafted through code.

Register here, and buy one ticket for $20, three for $50 or five for $75. Go in with a couple friends or buy a set of tickets for your office. See you there!

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