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Nautical Home Decor Ideas for Summer

Red, white and blue aren't only for Fourth of July. If your design focus leans beach house chic or simply reflects a new seasonal style for your home, you can find a sophisticated selection of nautical-themed decor in America's beloved patriotic colors in the Dallas Design District. Here are a few of our must-haves, any of which is capable of flowing seamlessly into your existing style, regardless of the time of year.


A subtle yet impactful way to display your love for the sea is through glassware. Bernadette Schaeffler has a stunning collection of plates, vases, decanters, glasses and more in nautical motifs. AtlantisGolden Age of Yachting and Frutti di Mare are three designs featured below that each offers a full range of glass items. From ocean blue to waves of white to translucent bubbles, these pieces beckon to lovers of surf and sand.


Nothing evokes the world of sailboats and yachts quite like pure white furniture. This Bunny Williams Home Pierre chair from Lee Jofa is a comfy complement to your pristine, beachy style. Not loving the finish on the frame? An easy fix. It comes in ebony, mahogany or alpine white.


Now you need to add a little color to your white-on-white furniture. The Bayview Collection Harborline in Navy from Pindler is the perfect solution, channeling the sea through fun, whimsical artwork. Cover a few assorted pillows with this fabric and they'll instantly become a focal point of your space.


You simply can't design a nautical-themed room without stripes. However, classic white and navy blue are too predictable. Go for something modern, with a variation on tradition. This broadloom stripe rug from Kravet in varying shades of blue and a hint of classic white is made from Spanish wool and provides an ideal accent for underneath your coffee table.

Coffee Table

Speaking of coffee tables, don't forget to find one that fits into the theme. The angles in this two tier, two piece travertine coffee table from Again and Again call forth visions of sails on the open sea without being too obvious. The natural finish pulls in a new dimension to highlight your room's existing palette.


The Viridine round accent table from Baker Furniture in gorgeous dove gloss white with an antique bronze finish is reminiscent of a ship's portholes. The shape is a simple yet elegant way to keep the theme moving throughout the room. It also makes for the perfect place to display a model yacht or a collection of seaglass in a decorative bowl.


You want this space to be a welcoming, comfortable atmosphere, so incorporate your own lighthouse for a radiant touch. Designer Alison Berger's surveyor's floor lamp from Holly Hunt is an effective mix of traditional and modern style. An added bonus? It happens to be the same one George Clooney chose to light up his Mexican villa.

Changing the feel of your space doesn't require repainting or replacing flooring. It simply means switching out a few key pieces of furniture and finding new accent pieces to add flavor to the design. These nautical additions are timeless and aren't bound by season or trend, so even if you're inspired by summer, don't hesitate to keep them displayed for years to come.

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