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How to Create a Lady Lair with Help from The Design District

Need a place that's all your own to retreat from the summer heat? Or maybe you'd like to do some crafting, blogging or wine-drinking, and you'd prefer to do it solo. Guys shouldn't be the only ones with their own space. So long, man cave. Here's our guide to designing your own lady lair.

Indulge in White Furniture

Finally a space free from muddy dog paws, sticky kid fingers and sweaty husbands. If you've worried about having white furniture because you knew it wouldn't stay pristine in your busy home, now's the time to take the leap. Start with a soft Italian leather sofa from Bernadette Schaeffler's collection

Delicate Decor

With no hustle and bustle around, you can finally display all the breakable accessories you adore. Baker Furniture has original goblets, vases, bowls, trays and unique sculptures to adorn your tabletops in style.

Splurge for a Chandelier

Does your husband balk at the thought of putting a chandelier in the dining room or master bath? Never mind him. Decorative Crafts has a stunning collection of hand-crafted and Venetian glass chandeliers to make your space sparkle. 

Add Feminine Wallpaper

You hardly ever get a chance to embrace your feminine side when it comes to home decor without emasculating your man. This lady lair is yours to embellish as you please. So go all out and cover your walls with hand-painted wallpaper from Gracie. Choose from Japanese, Chinese, American, European, textured or antique in florals, neutrals or landscapes.

Find Inspiring Artwork

Abstract, landscape, still-life or portrait — whatever type of art you decide to hang on your walls affects the space within. Choose artwork that engages you and puts you into a relaxed state of mind. Dallas Design District galleries Art DallasTatum Art Advisory and Conduit Gallery all have a wide range of fine art to explore.

Whether you're working at the office or keeping up the home, you deserve a place to relax at the end of the day. If you've never considered a lady lair, stroll through a few of the showrooms and galleries in the Dallas Design District and you'll be surprised how quickly your serene escape takes shape!

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