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Tips for Creating an Elegant Entryway

Too often, the foyer is neglected, congested with winter coats and shoes from the most recent rainy day. However, when guests visit, your entryway is the first interior space to greet them. It would be a shame for “dumping ground” to be the initial impression that springs to mind.

Here are a few tips to help you freshen up your entryway and transform it into an elegant, welcoming space.

Create a Wall or Tabletop Display

Engage visitors as soon as they walk in the door with a custom collage of wall frames filled with beautiful prints from Art Dallas Inc. Or maybe you'd prefer to showcase an arrangement of collectibles for the entry table. Either option offers a focal point of visual interest that adds to your entryway's appeal.

Include a Mirror

For a small space, feature a mirror to add depth and reflect light. If you have more room, feature a cluster of mirrors in different shapes and sizes for a dramatic look for your wall. Look around at Decorative Crafts to find something completely original. An added bonus? You can check your hair in the mirror and tuck that flyaway back into place before heading out the door.

Add a Runner

Draw guests into your home with a long runner. Keep it unobstructed by furniture and ensure there’s plenty of space on each side to provide a feeling of openness. An entryway rug draws in dust, which keeps your floors cleaner and reduces allergens in your home. The Rug Company has plenty of options for runners of various sizes, so you can find the perfect fit for your entryway.

Suspend a Light Fixture

To add a hint of glam to your foyer, find a chandelier or pendant light at Holly Hunt to hang from the ceiling. It offers an interesting visual effect and brings some light to your entryway. It’s also good for including on a switch timer when you’re away to deter potential burglars. Plus, it’ll keep you from fumbling in the dark, searching for your keys on your way in and out the door.

Furnish the Space

Have some room to spare? Find a console table and unique pair of side chairs to complement it. If you have a no-shoes policy, your guests can take a seat while they remove their shoes before venturing further into your home. Visit F. Schumacher for pretty prints and throw pillows to make it a hospitable atmosphere. 

Your entryway doesn't have to be the most cluttered or boring room in your home. With the help of the showrooms and galleries in the Dallas Design District, your entryway can make a memorable impression for all of the right reasons. 

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