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Tips for Prepping your Guest Room for Company

Whether you're hosting the mother-in-law or a best friend from college, preparing your guest room for an overnight visitor involves a little forethought. We've put together a list of must-have items to help you design the perfect, relaxing space for your overnight guests.

Fresh Linens

When your guests pull back the covers, you want the sheets to be soft, clean and tucked in tightly. Fold an extra blanket at the foot of the bed and store extra pillows in the closet. Check out ID Collection for Tribute Fine Linens. 

Beautiful Artwork

Just because it isn't the most visited room in the house doesn't mean you want your guest bedroom to look like a hotel room. Include some inviting wall art with rich colors that complement the bedspread and curtains. Find the right piece at American Fine Art & Frame off Dragon Street or Art Ability on Pittsburg Street.

Adjustable Lighting

Give each guest plenty of lighting options, whether you adorn your windows with stylish curtains, include a dimmer on the overhead light or place a lamp on the nightstand. For curtain fabric, browse Kravet Fabrics or Fabricut on Slocum Street for ideas. 

Extra Seating

If you have space, ideally you want to provide a seating area in addition to the bed. Include a reading chair, a desk and chair or even a loveseat. This allows your guests to relax in a private setting and provides room for them to work if necessary. J. Robert Scott offers some stunning luxury furnishings.

Home Comforts

Consider your guests' bathroom needs, including a hair dryer and all the toiletries they may have forgotten: toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, soap, lotion, etc. Be courteous and leave some counter space and possibly even a drawer for their use. Don't have the space and need a remodel? Check out Eleganza Studio on Slocum Street for modern bath designs.

Above and Beyond

If you want to really leave an impression on your guests, add a mini fridge topped with a single-cup coffee maker. Include a colorful headboard, as well as a fresh flowers and a rug to keep their feet safe from chilly morning floors. Find bright ideas, inspiration and more at F. Schumacher.

It’s obvious that you would visit the Dallas Design District when remodeling your living room, bedroom or kitchen, but the district is also the perfect resource for finding guest bedroom inspiration. Follow these tips to leave your visitors remembering what a thoughtful host you are. Maybe they'll consider returning the favor and host you at their beach house on Maui. You can dream, right?

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