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Dallas Design District Tenant Spotlight: Poggenpohl Dallas

When a company is more than 100 years old — 124 to be exact — you can expect people to know and trust the brand. Such is the case with Poggenpohl, which evolved from a joinery workshop into a leading kitchen manufacturer. Founder Friedemir Poggenpohl's motto was, "We want to improve the kitchen," and that drive toward innovation remains the company’s maxim. Today, products are manufactured in Herford, North Rhine-Westphalia, before being exported to more than 70 countries. The brand's quality and exclusivity have made it an industry icon.

Poggenpohl hasn't lost its local charm, however, and its Hi Line Drive showroom in the Dallas Design District caters to trade designers and architects, as well as design-savvy local shoppers. To give us more insight into Poggenpohl, Designer and Showroom Manager Jennifer Fordham joins us for a little Q&A.

Dallas Design District (DDD): What do you all love about being in the Design District?

Jennifer Fordham (JF): I love the Design District for the following reasons: It is a great location and occupies a very beautiful neighborhood. I am surrounded by talented craftsmen and shops full of the best product you can find.

DDD: What is the first question you ask a new client?

JF: I ask if their project is new or a remodel to assess if we are starting from scratch or bringing the kitchen into an existing space. This way I know if I need to see the space to ensure that the kitchen will incorporate nicely into their home.

DDD: What's trending in the world of kitchen design?

JF: I’m seeing a mixture of modern/sleek kitchen fronts with heavily textured floors and walls to create an interesting juxtaposition between materials. We’re installing many kitchens into a rustic setting lately.

DDD: Is there any trend that’s on its way out that you recommend clients avoid?

JF: I recommend that most clients avoid anything too trendy, as they won’t be happy with it for long.

DDD: What significant changes in kitchen design have you all seen during the past decade?

JF: Our drawer, cabinet and lighting technology is always evolving. Cabinets are getting thinner and lighter but stronger. Lights are now LED and can be warm or cool. Appliances are moving from stainless finish to black, white and colored glass.

DDD: What design element do people overlook most in their kitchen?

JF: The vent hood! You definitely need proper ventilation. 

DDD: What features make a kitchen timeless?

JF: Poggenpohl kitchens are timeless because they’re so clean that there aren’t any specific decade markers to make you think “that’s so 2015.” I have clients with 30- and 40-year-old kitchens that you would believe to be a few years old.  

DDD: What sets you apart from competitors on a local level? On a national level?

FJ: On a local level, we provide complete customer service, from the client’s first visit to our showroom until the job is installed and complete. We oversee the entire process beginning to end. On a national level, I think it’s more of our DNA as an international brand name that’s recognized for quality and innovation. No other high-end brand is this accessible, this flexible in making a product just for its customers, wherever in the world its customers happen to live. 

DDD: Complete this sentence: “Every kitchen should have...”

FJ: Every kitchen should be made to fit the client and their lifestyle. The kitchen should always be a reflection of the person/family who lives in the home.

Featuring modular and flexible designs, Poggenpohl's full-service design showroom is full of state-of-the-art European kitchen solutions to fit a variety of spaces. From conception to execution, its aim is to help you design your ideal kitchen. Just drop by the showroom for kitchen inspiration or contact the team to schedule a complimentary design consultation. You may be surprised at just how attainable your dream kitchen is.

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