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Tips for Decorating with Fragrance

Unless it's close to the holidays, candles don't immediately come to mind when you think about home decor. But when you need your space to smell delicious and you don't plan on baking anytime soon, candles, potpourri, diffusers or a combination thereof are the solution. They also help create a warmer, more welcoming and relaxing environment for you and your guests.

Here are a few ways you can incorporate fragrance into your home décor:

Use a Unique Holder

It's not mandatory to use the container the candle came in. For a more unique look, float candles in martini glasses or flip champagne flutes upside down and place candles on each base. A cake stand layered with candles would also make a stunning centerpiece. Check out Decorative Crafts, off Howell Street, for an assortment of both vintage and modern holders.

Replace Logs in a Fireplace

Living in Texas, there’s only a short window each year for true fireplace enjoyment. During the warmer months, try swapping logs for candles. Add a mirror behind the flames to reflect the glow into your living area. This way you can enjoy that same, romantic look and feel year-round without having to deal with the extra heat. Not happy with your current fireplace? Replace it with a new design from Exquisite Surfaces off Hi Line Drive.

Find an Attractive Diffuser

Yes, you could buy that diffuser that looks like a 1990s humidifier or you can find one that actually matches your home decor. Diffusers now come with wood accents and clean, curvy lines. There are even options available that subtly change colors as they cycle through your favorite essential oil-infused vapor.

Line Your Staircase

What's more romantic than candles lighting the way to the bedroom? This look is especially pleasing if you have a spiral staircase. Or, if you're hosting a summer party, place votive candles or these lantern candles from Bernadette Schaeffler along the patio steps as a luminary guide for your guests.

Cluster as a Centerpiece

Gather an assortment of mason, apothecary, hurricane and vintage jars to fill with your choice of candles for a classic take on coffee table decor. Donghia should have the perfect canvas for displaying your collage of scents.

Go Modern with Batteries

Concerned you might forget to extinguish the flames at the end of the evening? Or perhaps you would just prefer the convenience of battery-powered lighting. Today's flameless candles and tea lights flicker just like the real ones and are nearly impossible to detect as fakes from afar. These are a great options for high-up lighting such as sconces or regular, timer-powered mood lighting. Check out Ebanista, off North Stemmons Freeway for some stunning electric selections.

Since candles, diffusers and potpourri come in all shapes, sizes and colors you can really match your scent picks to your existing decor. Visit the Dallas Design District to find inspiration and design ideas for what to buy, how to arrange your purchases and where to place your new finds in your home.

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