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What Does Your Home's Style Say About You?

Have you ever wondered what your home decor says about your style? And what does that translate to when it comes to your personality? We’ve examined a few of the most popular interior design styles to discover what they reveal about you and your home. 


Just like you, your place is comfortable, natural and easy-going. Since you appreciate the outdoors, the artwork hanging on your walls features beautiful, scenic landscapes. You like to explore, so when you get away for the weekend, it’s for a mountain vacation complete with adventurous activities. Throughout your travels, you've collected vintage finds and folk art to add to your heirloom pieces and DIY projects. Relaxing is also a priority for you, so browns, greens and blues work well in your home along with handcrafted distressed wood and stone furnishings. You value function over form, and your surroundings demonstrate that. 

Where to find this style? EC Dicken on Slocum Street


Detail and finery populate your world in both your home and your attire. Since you prize culture, you look for elegant décor items that could double as artwork. You also have notable oils on canvas adorning your walls. For vacation, you’re likely to enjoy traveling Europe in style — perhaps Paris or Prague? Complex patterns, luxurious layers and intricate detailing are lavishly displayed throughout your space. You value form far more than function. If something has to be used daily in your home, it might as well be beautiful. 

Where to find this style? Barbara J. Vessels Interiors on North Stemmons Freeway


Elegant simplicity and comfort are hallmarks of your style. Whether refurbished or in original condition, your home likely features antiques of European origin. Your artwork includes vibrant colors and rich jewel tones while your fabrics are a mixture of solids with damasks, florals or paisleys made from cashmere, silk or velvet. You are not, however, opposed to easy-care cotton or linen. When you take time off, you enjoy touring the New England coast and taking in the architecture. Form is slightly more important than function in your space, which reflects a calm, orderly environment that matches your demeanor.

Where to find this style? Marge Carson on North Stemmons Freeway


Trendy, tech-savvy and sophisticated. Your home echoes your own successful traits. You value what's current, and your design style is eclectic and chameleonic, with the ability to borrow inspiration from different eras. Since you seek open space and light in abundance, your favorite trip is to the beach. The abstract catches your eye at art galleries, and your decor follows suit with sleek, graphic and bold elements amid muted neutrals. A taste for minimal accessories and clean lines means that you maintain a balance between form and function.

Where to find this style? Adriana Hoyos on Hi Line Drive


A true minimalist, you strive for a polished look. With uninterrupted lines, flat surfaces and few ornamental additions, your style harkens back to mid-century Art Deco. Your creative furnishings feature geometric shapes and glossy metals as well as glass and plastic. On vacation, you find yourself keeping up the fast pace in New York City or Los Angeles. Form and function merge together in your home, and your airy furniture, white walls and bare floors keep things serene. Personally, you try to stay mindful and Zen. 

Where to find this style? Baker, Knapp & Tubbs Furniture on Slocum Street

Whether your home is rustic, Victorian, traditional, contemporary or modern, the Dallas Design District has showrooms to accommodate your style. Come visit one or all of them for inspiration on how to create your own personal oasis.

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