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Feng Shui 101

Flow, simplicity and good chi — these are all attributes you want in your home. Feng shui (pronounced fung shway) can help you achieve the right balance. This ancient Chinese term translates to "wind and water," both elements that circulate, and it is essentially the art of mindfully placing our surroundings to positively affect our lives. The goal is to build a harmonious environment that benefits health, attracts wealth and welcomes happiness.

Here's how you can introduce the basics of feng shui into your home with the help of the Dallas Design District.


Create a landing space for good chi (energy) by placing a vibrant, colorful rug just inside your home. Visit Abrash Rugs to find a decorative Persian or Turkish piece. Which decor should you avoid in this space? A mirror. You don't want to reflect the good energy right back out the door.

Living room

In addition to keeping your space clutter-free and organized, one of feng shui’s central principles is to fill rooms with light. Layered light, that is. Have a ceiling fixture but also a floor lamp and several table lamps. Cory Pope and Associates has just the lighting options you need. If the space still feels dark, decorate with a mirror or two to draw in more natural light, or set out candles to create a warm, intimate atmosphere. Remember "feng" and keep the air and light fresh to attract good energy.


Since the color green is nourishing to your health in feng shui, consider adding this hue to the room where you prepare meals. At Robert Allen Design, find a vase to keep fresh flowers or a bowl to hold Granny Smith apples or limes. If you want something entirely unique, commission a custom floral, plant or tree display from SJ Silk Designs. You could even install an herb garden on your windowsill to summon uplifting energy to the space.


To encourage harmony in your relationship (or attract positive energy that might lead to a significant other if you’re currently single), station a nightstand on each side of the bed. Find just what you need at Marge Carson. For your wall color, stick to the earth element with soothing shades of pale cream to deep chocolate brown, aka "skin colors," that will bring you stability and protection. Browse the selection at Innovations in Wall Coverings for natural, permeable wall options to make your sleeping space peaceful.


Inspire your creativity with some artwork in the space where you work. Search for images that represent your goals in life and are filled with happy, nourishing energy. Sun to Moon Gallery is the place to find a stunning, luxury piece of photography to fit right above your desk.

Implementing feng shui can seem overwhelming, so try to stick to the basics. Applying a few of these cleansing principles to your home will allow the good chi to flow, helping you attain happiness, health, prosperity and freedom. Remember, keep calm and let the Dallas Design District be your resource for designing a positive energy-filled home.

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